Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Margie, this one's for you

Twenty years is a long time. It's the kind of time that's needed for good memories to acquire a soft sheen that glows when you look back at them. And that's what I do--smile--when I think of Margie, her wild curls, her black tunic tops, her sparkling eyes half hidden behind the bangs, and her sexy smile.

My first days at Grady School as a doctoral student would have been long and lonely without the quick and easy friendship of five women who quite simply took me under their wing and supported me with laughter, navigational tools, even furniture--Melinda, Pat, Margie, Candace and Tonya. Margie, the girl from "the South side of Chicago" was the closest to me in height, and perhaps that's why I found her the easiest to get comfortable with! It also made it possible for her to ensure that I had the right kind of clothes to pack for a two week (work) trip to Hawaii!

Memories of the grind of doctoral work are tempered--no, embellished--by the times we all spent together, in the grad carrels and outside. Group baby-sitting for Rick's little girl Zoe (a young woman now) and taking her along with us for a shopping spree at Payless Shoes. Planning Tonya's bridal shower (cream cheese vegie pizza--Margie, I still can taste your recipe). Putting together a yard sale to raise funds for a friend's health care expenses. Our joint project for Spencer's class on advanced research methods (do blondes have more fun?). The parties at your low slung house; the cats and the music. Long nights at the Survey Research Centre, you as the improbable supervisor. Your buying a carton of Vidalia onions for your Dad, who loved them. The trip up to Tennessee to fill out our book of memories for Tonya.

And now, here we are, in our own little cubby holes of our own little lives, continents apart, filling in our own scrapbooks with memories of you.

Be at peace, my friend. Maybe cyberspace extends into the great wide open. And I hope you're reading this, and breaking into laughter.


Pitter said...

Thank you, Usha. Beautifully said. I would add memories of bare feet, Christmas parties (especially when my car broke down and she rescued me in the hills of NC), and of "going outside for a smoke" (code for let's talk where we can be private). And then there was the shared office with the old Holiday Inn curtains. Many great memories that now need to sustain us.

Rick Kenney said...

Beautifully written, Usha. Thank you for posting this. Margie was suddenly on my mind Monday, filling it with fond memories. I remember her as smart, witty, and beautiful, and humble about it all, with a smile that made everyone smile and the best giggle. And I remember Margie as the instigator behind my having to buy "glitter shoes" instead of something practical for my daughter after the shopping trip you and Margie and Tonya took her on to Payless. I will remember and love all of you forever. — Zoe's Dad

James Rada said...

I have so many words, but at the same time not enough. One of the sharpest, quick-witted, funniest, dearest people I've ever known! When I drop my head to pray and mourn, something funny comes to mind. Then I throw my head back and laugh! Farewell Margie. Rest in Peace.