Sunday, October 02, 2011

Class struggle

Sometimes, when the students in my writing class toil over their assignment (though toil may be an extreme description of the level of engagement, sometimes!), I decide to take a mental walk with my own words. A couple of weeks ago, this is what resulted:

You walk in,
the world on your shoulders
and in the undependable ink
of the whiteboard marker,
you're ready to deliver it,
spell it out,
and analyze it,
so that they can pick up the pieces
and fit them into a jigsaw
of their own desires
and motivations
(parentally fed/denied/rebelled against).
There are alternative words
for ambition
that escape you,
as your gaze flits
from furrowed brow
to glazed eye
to drumming fingers
and snapping ball point pens.
Perhaps that's too strong a description
for this pressure--
a heavy, blanketing, blinkering
they wear to the classroom.
The world stays on my shoulder
but it feels different,
lighter, made less serious
by the skeptical minds
that have beheld it
for the better part
of two hours.

22 September 2011


Reef by any other name said...

Recently,I was telling a friend about how I landed up taking up your subject/paper during M.A.It was a second choice,but I cannot even imagine how much I would have regretted not being in your class ma'am.

It was one of those classes,where I wanted to do my best for each assignment.I didn't just do them with a word count in my head(Yes,I admit,I did that for a couple of other classes during the M.A).

Thank you for the patience with which you made us realise what we could do with words.I wrote before taking your class,won essay competitions too,but I learnt more things about good writing in your class than I ever did before.

Usha Raman said...

Thanks, Amulya! Good to know that what I enjoy doing makes sense after all!