Saturday, April 09, 2011

Summer arrives in Hyderabad, with Haiku

The trees along the road, overlooking people's compound walls, peeping over the crumbling walls of historic sites, and of course, the view from my balcony...all have together given me some great moments the past few weeks. And so the Haiku emerges, distracting me, of course, from the traffic, but also bringing a smile to my lips as I navigate the rushing hours of the day.  The very amateurish photos are grabbed by me as I rush through the day. 

Please read this as a work in new images and words come together, they will find their way here. And I must mention the debt of gratitude I owe my friend Sadhana, whose enthusiasm for the wonders of nature is infectious! 
Quotidian joys:
the purple jacaranda
against the blue sky

Copper pods burst into
flame, blazing a bold yellow
along the highway

Silver oaks witness
Traffic’s mad, rude rowdy rush
To distant nowheres
The rain trees' branches 
spread their generous arms
like waiting grandfathers


An open blossom
reveals a whole world within
--faith, beauty, and peace

The pink touched blooms of
the temple tree now welcome 
summer’s mango scent
Swinging mangoes wait 
pregnant with pungent promise--
green to yellow soon!

Overhead, around
it’s blooming summer, smiles, sweat...
holidays arrive!

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