Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday, the 'hump' day

My friend Gina (and roommate from another age, another era) called Wednesday the 'hump' day of the week...the day that was right in the middle, the day when you were just over the weekend euphoria and not quite into the anticipatory haze of the approaching friday. The day when, perhaps, it hit you that you were already into the middle of the week and your "to do" list was not even halfway checked!

I think Wednesday could just as easily be designated 'slump' day...if you're the kind who comes back to work on Monday feeling all energized and motivated after a refreshing weekend ("What kind of strange species feels energetic on Monday?" I hear you mumble, through your own mid-week mind-haze. Monday, morning, you walk into your work space, and you look at all the bright little post-it notes on your desk top and in various strategic locations around your desk (if you're lucky enough to have one that doesn't get swept off every morning but an over-enthusiastic housekeeping lady with her extra long broom), feeling, "okay, now I am going to deal with those post it notes, one by one, systematically and ruthlessly". You sit down, turn on your computer, open your diary, and begin on "to do" note number 1. The phone rings and a colleague begins to drone about how his weekend just did not go as planned....before you know it that bright little post it note has joined a bunch of its companions in the trash can, crumpled by frustrated fingers that could not bang down the receiver to cut off that drone. And that was only resolution number one.

So the days progress, from the Motivated Monday to Try-to-keep-the-tempo Tuesday and before you know it, it's the middle of the week, and you're in the middle of a slump. It's Wednesday. Another two days to go before you can even begin to smell the distant dream of a weekend...

Of course, all that means is that the cycle will begin again...and again...

Moral of the story. Get rid of all those post-it notes Friday afternoon before you leave work. Better still, get rid of all those blocks of post-its that you bought from your last indulgent visit to a stationery store (where you had gone, in the first place, just looking for a card for a distant relative).

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