Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another morning, another day...but I am yet to feel comfortable with this new space. Writing into oblivion is a strange feeling. Your words go out there, and someone, somewhere, whose only link to you is a few strokes on a keyboard, reads what you write--maybe--or comes upon it by an accidental detour on the streets of cyberspace. And you create a sense of who you are through your words.

So, if you've actually stayed this far on this page, here's something to think about... this is from my own archives, a quarter of a century old (imagine, before this space came into public use!).



My mirror forms
an image in my mind
I draw myself
in colours I want to see.
I am
a figment of
your imagination,
as you are too,
of mine.

1 comment:

griperwithapurpose said...

Nice! You have at least one ardent fan!